Speak from the Heart


Find your authentic self and communicate with confidence.

As a senior leader or business owner, what you say – and how you say it – matters. To build trust and motivate others towards your vision, you’ve got to find your voice. Whether you want to tear off the armour or quiet that inner voice of self-doubt, this program is for you.

“Speak from the Heart is an enlightening, efficient and an unexpectedly moving experience.”

Andrea Greiff

President, Next Phase Search

Speak from the Heart is a series of weekly, 90-minute Zoom workshops. Each session is a guided and collaborative exercise with a small group of other leaders who are on the same journey to:

  • Connect to your core values and uncover what really matters to you
  • Get clarity around what you want to say and find meaning in why you want to express it
  • Step into your true authenticity as a self-aware leader and communicate with confidence

This series is led by TWO experienced professionals: Jackie Arnold, Certified Leadership Coach and Linda Jackson, Messaging Consultant.

Program Agenda

Week 1: (90 minutes) Connect to your true self and core values

Week 2: (90 minutes) Identify your saboteurs that keep you from being your true self

Week 3: (90 minutes) Learn how to speak from the heart and communicate with confidence

Week 4: (90 minutes) Speak from the Heart practice, real-time coaching, and celebration!


  • Weekly 90-minute group meetings
    A powerful way to connect with like-minded leaders
  • Real-time coaching from a certified leadership coach and a professional communication consultant
    With exclusive access through email and text
  • Online access to all teaching material
    Including downloadable worksheets
  • A multiple page workbook of reflections and key takeaways
    Including exercises that you will learn to facilitate for future use with your teams
  • A tangible keepsake to remind you of the experience