Talent Strategy

Attract. Develop. Retain.

The talent landscape has dramatically changed, with increased competition for top talent, a shrinking workforce and a generational shift in views around work, methods to attract, develop and retain a thriving workforce must transform with it.

Whoever holds the skilled talent holds the key to the future.

Manpower Group, 2023

We work with purpose driven leaders to diagnose the root cause of your specific talent attraction & retention challenges by using our I 🧡 My Work Building Block Approach™️.

Employees today, including the workforce you may be trying to reach including traditionally underrepresented groups in your setor can be made possible with our unique approach.

In our simple, but impactful method we build with the frame work that will support talent acquisition and retention. We help you articulate and bring to life:

  1. Purposeful Identity “I understand the mission and I want to be part of it”
  2. Learning & Development  “I can do this work and feel smart & capable”
  3. Career Path & Employee Experience “I see what my work & life will look like”

I 🧡 My Work collaborates with the Canadian Rural and Remote Broadband Community (CRRBC) to address the urgent need to connect underserved rural and remote communities with high speed internet, build digital literacy, support economic equity and reconciliation, and provide essential services to everyone who lives and plays in remote and rural areas globally.

We are thrilled to be working alongside purpose led leaders, and developing the Talent Infrastructure to Bridge the Digital Divide.

Find out how we can help you REIMAGINE your Talent Strategy.

Reimagine Talent: Strategy Session