Leadership Coaching 1:1


After you complete the Mental Fitness Journey for Today’s Leader you will be ready for our Transformational Leadership Coaching program.

Building on the foundation of Mental Fitness we will dive in one on one to help you grow & evolve, unlocking your full Leadership potential.

You will meet with your coach 2x per month for the first six months and then once every 4-6 weeks for a total of 16 sessions over the year.

What results can I expect?

  • Improve your leadership performance exponentially by developing your powers of Empathy, Explore, Innovate, Navigate and ACTIVATE.
  • Be the best version of you as a leader by pre-empting the limits that are holding you back from executing your vision for yourself as leader.
  • Strengthen relationships and build an engaged team that delivers aligned to values and mission.
  • Be agile & confident responding to the toughest challenges and lead your team to achieve the same.
  • Experience increased happiness, performance, calm and RESULTS.

What’s included?

  • Tilt 365 Personality Assessment
  • Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predicator (360)
  • 16 hours of coaching with an ICF Certified Coach
  • Participation in I Heart My Work Community of LeadersTM half day virtual retreat
  • Opportunity to join I Heart My Work Community of LeadersTM

Coaching sessions are virtual over Zoom.

Schedule a Discovery call here to get started