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Strong leaders contribute to innovation, opportunity and profit.

We believe there is a great leader inside most of us.

Managers and business leaders face personal and organizational barriers as they work to realize their goals and vision. Individuals on a team are often pointing in different directions instead of a unified one, and struggle to communicate effectively or work through conflict in a positive and restorative manner. 

Most often, these barriers can be overcome with focused, proven coaching strategies.

Work and life don’t need balance, they need harmony.

Life is complicated. It is rare for individuals to separate our work from everything else. Trying to achieve this leads to tension between work and life – imbalance rather than harmony. We believe the two are intrinsically linked, and need to be respected as equal, intersecting and unpredictable parts of our everyday life.

We take a holistic approach to coaching and culture development by examining all factors that might impede performance, team success and happiness. The same tools used to thrive for work can support an individual’s personal growth, too.

We strengthen the individual, and power the organization.

Working from the inside-out, we support individuals and teams through a process of discovery and awareness, providing the tools and coaching to help bring focus, clarity, agility and purpose to their work.

Alongside individual development, we help leaders evolve their culture and align everyone towards the same goals, while designing a workplace that fosters empathy, performance and innovation. We help our clients realize a positive and productive environment where ideas – and individuals – thrive.