Testimonial: Municipality of Brockton

With a relatively new Leadership Team committed to municipal excellence and an improved corporate culture we started working with Jackie.

Jackie launched an 8-month program to develop agile leaders and a cohesive leadership team that included Tilt365 Assessments, Team Climate Profile, individual coaching for our senior leaders and coaching skills for leaders workshops.

Some of the early results include: Insight into individuals, leadership team engagement, a more cohesive team leading to collaborative decision making, elevated thinking due to a very supportive environment – all contributing to better performance, execution and more fun in the workplace.

We are launching another program to include team members to help them gain self-awareness utilizing the Tilt365 methods and to develop skills and ability with time management so we are more effective at execution.

Jackie provides a comfortable environment that encourages vulnerability. She has the best interest of the team in mind and encourages thought-provoking and intense dialogue to reveal measures for on-going improvement and tools for success.

I highly recommend working with Jackie. She can bring out the best in everyone.

Sonya Watson, Chief Administrative Officer, Municipality of Brockton

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