Testimonial: Bruce Telecom

As a new CEO I found upon my arrival that the company suffered from a monopolistic culture and we needed to change to a more customer-centric culture to become more sales oriented and customer service focused.

Jackie worked for me as a consultant throughout 2018 and into 2019. I asked her to help with a program that would adjust our entire team’s focus in a very short period of time.

Jackie defined a Tilt365 training program, a list of competencies for management and non-management and a branded company-wide initiative called “It Starts With Me” that outlined a number of behaviours to be demonstrated and built upon.

Jackie put all employees through the Tilt365 training, coached my entire management team on the defined core competencies, introduced and promoted the “It Starts With Me” campaign throughout the company.

The net results of this all within 2018 were the best employee engagement survey results we have ever had and our customer service metrics have all made greater than expected results.

I find Jackie to be motivated, creative, highly energetic and effective. I have continued to engage her in training my team on developing specific core competencies and I have asked her to engage in a coaching role of myself.

I would recommend Jackie to any company looking to enhance the bench strength of its management team, modify culture or coach any level of management.

Tom Sullivan, CEO

Bruce Telecom

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