Workplace Restoration


Sometimes work relationships are strained because of conflict, following periods of uncertainty or harassment investigations.

We focus on moving teams forward by helping your peple get back to being healthy and productive at work as quickly as possible to achieve long-term positive outcomes that align with your goals.

We know that people join us at this time feeling vulnerable, frustrated and alone. We also know you may be feeling overwhelmed at how to get things back on track or too close to the facts, and need objective support to help you navigate straining times.

This is where we come in.

We use a coaching approach: By assigning a coach to the restoration process we are able to make connection to the people to establish a safe environment to explore and to create positive lasting change. 

We work from the inside out: The core of everything we do is based on getting to know the person behind the employee. We meet them wherever they are at by helping employees understand themselves better: their strengths, their values, and their triggers. Triggers are fear-based and when we get triggered we often behave in ways that let our egos get involved, which can make us unproductive and keep us unbalanced, polarized or create conflict.

The process we follow:

  • We get clarity about what’s happened at a high level and identify the support you need
  • We offer free no obligation “fit sessions” with potential employees involved to see if we think we can work together
  • We set up a plan that includes any of following as required:
    • Goals and outcomes established
    • Process agreement and check points along the way
    • Selection of assessments/resources to support restoration
    • Discussion facilitation
    • One-on-one coaching
    • Team coaching/team workshops
    • Skill development
    • Review, completion, monitoring

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