Mental Fitness for Today’s Leader


Boost your happiness & performance in six weeks.

This 8-week Mental Fitness Program is designed to help Leaders move from experiencing negative emotions like stress, anxiety, frustration, anger & burnout, to handling challenges with positive emotions like empathy, gratitude, confidence and calm, clear-headed, laser focused action.

I can’t recommend the Mental Fitness Program enough. I wish I had the benefit of the personal insights I’m gaining when I was younger. It would have helped avoid so many unnecessary struggles, live more fully, and be more effective in virtually every facet of my life.

Jackie is a thoughtful, warm, passionate, and deeply authentic coach. I’ve enjoyed — and greatly valued– having her help as I continue my own growth and development journey.

Mike Kester

CEO, Leadbelay

Together, with leaders on a similar path to you, you will have the opportunity to learn together. After 6-8 weeks of on this journey you will experience:

  • Increased Happiness
  • Decreased Stress
  • Improved Relationships
  • Increased Creativity
  • Greater leadership Impact

The Mental Fitness Journey is based on the groundbreaking original research by Shirzad Chamine and Positive Intelligence along with recent discoveries from Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Psychology and Performance Science.

Program Design

  • Seven 1-hour weekly video sessions (released on Saturday’s)
  • 15 mins/day mental fitness lessons through the Positive Intelligence App (free download)
  • Audio and e-copy of eight chapters from the Positive Intelligence book by Shirzad Chamine.
  • Access to the content in the app for one year.


  • Eight, one hour interactive sessions to support your learning
  • Live sessions are structured with a combination of large group interaction and break outs with smaller groups of 5-7 people
  • Sessions will take place over zoom.

Program Agenda

All sessions are held at 3pm ET.

The first session begins with a kick off meeting and prep week.

  • Week 1:
  • Week 2:
  • Week 3:
  • Week 4:
  • Week 5:
  • Week 6:
  • Week 7:

The Mental Fitness Journey is game changer!  I wish I had learned these concepts earlier in my life.  But even still, learning them now has had an immediate impact on my life.   How I view myself and others has been forever changed.  This course uses a unique online approach that is a mix of video, app based exercises and live virtual meetings over 6 weeks that is so effective at changing your thinking and behaviour.  After taking this course, I can see so many positive applications both in the workplace and at home.  I would love to see this course offered at my workplace.
Arlette Watwood, Manager, Talent Management & Engagement, People & Culture WestJet