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Love, love, love the Process!

As a coach, I always trying to help my clients focused on the journey, not the outcome.

When we focus on the outcome and not the journey, we tend to stand in judgement of ourselves and others – always feeling we are not enough or did something wrong.

Once in a while, even us coaches get caught in the outcome trap. Here is what happened to me recently. I wrote about it on LinkedIn:

New year, new “wait”.

I love my process. LOVE my process (right?).

It’s ALL about the journey.

I have been LOVING my process all year, well all 17 days of it.

And then, it happened.

Didn’t even see it coming.

I’ve been looking for some new motivation. Last summer my husband and I dusted off our road bikes to

‘train’ for one of those fun Gran Fondo events. So, I had cycling on my mind. I could do some training over the winter. This would be fun, great cardio, keep me active, prepare for the next Fondo.

Excitement. Energy. And an inner narrative.

What if I am the WORST cyclist in that class

I own a road bike, YIKES, can’t say I’m a beginner…

Maybe I should train on the stationary a few more weeks

I’ll check with the trainer

Me: Just how “GOOD’ are the cyclists in the class?

Cody: Oh, it’s a mixed group

Me: So, you think I could fit in with them… how INTENSE?

Cody: You just go at your own pace (supportive).

And then he said the magic words. “Jackie, YOU DO YOU”. BAM.

Thanks coach. HELLO inner critic. That sneaky rat. This time at the gym. Unexpectedly.

Recognize it. Take a breath. Balance.

You do you.