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Being a leader is a verb.

I know. You didn’t land on this blog for a grammar lesson.

And yes, according to the textbooks, “leader” is a noun. So is “leadership”.

But really?

Being a leader today is a lot more than a thing. It’s defined by action – you know, like a verb.

Being a leader today is about action.

Let’s face it, we live in a world of information that supplies us with endless content on how to be a good leader, what skills and competencies we need, endless videos and information. It begs the question, in a world with so much information on how to be a good leader, why do we still struggle?

Coaching is the key.

Coaching helps us learn the awareness moment to moment about what’s going on in the inside, so we can access what we need for it to show up on the outside and help us stay adaptive and agile in this paced world where we all work.

The work of coaching is a process over time that is built on a foundation of awareness in self, expanding choices and learning trust in self. By learning to look inside to access your inner wisdom instead of being derailed by fear and uncertainty and draw on what you know, or what you need to know to move ahead. Coaching gets below the surface and helps us understand how to grow our character and the human skills needed like empathy, collaboration, problem solving, good decision making and being creative.

If leadership is a verb, then moment to moment anyone can be a leader.

Coaching unlocks the verb and sets it in motion.